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Oak Grove Newsletter Winter 2017

Working as the Mayor I get to share my thoughts to the Residents of Oak Grove, MN through a quarterly article on the front page of our city newsletter. I do something very different, I talk about my beliefs, philosophy, leadership and the reasons behind my actions that direct my decisions. As an elected official, I think it’s much more important to communicate more than just the results of the actions. Leadership to me is about the drive, commitment, passion and effort to use knowledge standing a solid platform in a logical way…………
I hope you enjoy….. TO BE CONTINUED…..

Polar Plunge

Well I did it. Against my better judgment (but a really good cause), our sheriffs liaison Lieutenant Brent Erickson along with Sheriff James Stewart, talked me into taking the plunge. I’m jumping with the sheriff’s posse group. PLEASE DON’T LET ME DIE IN VAIN. Please donate here.

You wouldn't believe who called me during a city council meeting...

Jeff does a great job explaining the Met Council Cartel... Their out of touch, Extremely poor planning, wasteful misguided vision is catastrophic for this state which completely disregards my Mayoral and our City Council leadership , our residents property rights and ALL planning for our city of Oak Grove, MN. I am on a mission to GET MY CITY BACK FROM THE MET COUNCIL'S TYRANNICAL OVERREACHING CONTROL...

Do you like getting told, by a nonelected board that we, elected officials do not have the right, by their interpretation, of a Minnesota statute, 473.857 to ask or question the REASONABLENESS of their planning????? This is lunacy that the Minnesota Cartel, known as the Met Council is above asking or listening to the leaders that are defending residents rights!!!! I need help to spread the word…. IMMEADIATLY CHANGE OR ELIMINATE Minnesota Statute 473.857!!!

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On Sunday May 8th 2011, (mothers day) the Minneapolis Star and Tribune "crafted" an article to fit their "whistle blower" section trying to demonize my actions of volunteering after the City of Oak Grove, MN was left without a City Administrator. This story is simple, my name is Mark Korin and I was elected Mayor in 2010, and at the same time our City administrator quit. Knowing that the new City Council had a strong conservative direction and was looking for ways to restructure, cut costs and identify actual staffing requirements, what better way to get a first hand look but to immerse myself into daily operations as the City Administrator and report back to the entire City Council with suggestions of how private sector business values of management, staffing, budgeting and operations would allow us as council to restructure in a more cost efficient way while planning long term and still get the most value for our residents.

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Friends and ALL Minnesotans, The Met council has overstepped its bounds and “Planning” for the “Possibility”, Maybe, Could be, sort of, for the years 2045 and beyond, today!!!! They are taking my residents property rights away and your rights across Minnesota…. This unelected group has usurped state and local leaderships voice. The attached letter I wrote in 2013 and was my objection to the Met Councils 2040 year estimated planning process…. WHICH I RECEIVED NO RESPONSE OR COMMENTS ON…. THEY ARE NOT LISTENING AND ARE DEFT TO ALL LEADERSHIPS CONCERNS!!!!
This is a big problem and effects land owners, elected officials of BOTH party’s across the 7 county metro area. Please share and stand up against ANY efforts that allow this Cartel to dictate to elected officials!

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Good morning friends and fellow Minnesotans. I'm just getting started!! Please read and share this document to every person you know. This is my letter to the Metropolitan Council outlining unjust taking of our residence property through an overbearing and out of touch non elected bureaucratic government organization.

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Well, WE DID IT!!!!! Oak Grove, Minnesota is OFFICIALLY the LOWEST TAXED CITY IN ALL OF ANOKA COUNTY!!!! As Mayor, I'm very proud to have helped lead the city through restructuring allowing a total of 33.5% reductions and put us on a path for 0% levy increases and keeping that goal now for the last 3 years... Since I took office, the City Council a I took the city from 9th highest taxed city to the lowest in 5 years!! A special thank you for the hard work from Council Members Scott Lawrence and Dan Denno and for the acceptance of the city staff guided by our City Administrator, Rick Juba

In a campaign I ran for Republican endorsement, I started my speech with " The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, with the same people, and expecting different results".... I thought about one statement I left out.... "and lack of true leadership"... The Republicans, Independents and Conservative Demacrats have to get back to the foundation of what and why this country has a government. The values that the Tea Party (MOVEMENT) brings to light is a core foundation of what makes this country great! Sarah Palin is right, leadership built on a swampy foundation will sink, settle and never be stable... Are there people on our side of the conservative fence that have a problem with what our founding fathers did during the first tea party revolt against the British over a 2% increase in taxes ???? What are they afraid of, that the truth will come out? And, I find it strange that the organization that's supposed to stand up for the conservative voices, (Republican leaders), are siding with the progressives and distancing themselves.... Something's wrong in OZ, Toto.

Now this is a GREAT SPEECH from a great conservative president.... I love his command of the spoken word and his sincere passion.... Just wonderful!!!

Big Tax Cuts for Small City in Anoka County - KSTP TV

This video is from 2011. It was 18% in 2011 now it totals almost 34% which equals $1.2 million a year in savings to the residents of Oak Grove, by restricting government operations like we are forced to do in business.
- Mayor Mark Korin