Being involved in our Oak Grove, MN city leadership for the past 20 plus years, I believe in one thing, Constitution Conservative Leadership, a foundation of direction that is consistent and stable to minimize the size and scope of government, costs and intrusions. To lead with a knowledgeable passionate conviction that protects individual freedoms and allows for a right sized government to be the most effective operation possible! That is what my goals are!


Proven Leadership for a Better Minnesota

  • Brought private sector business values into City operations allowing us to cut taxes 33%
  • Constitutional based decision making
  • 20+ years of dedicated community service to the residents of Oak Grove, MN
  • Strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment
  • Pro Life
  • Pro free market / small business
  • Cut wasteful spending and taxes
  • Dedicated to protecting individual liberties
  • Defender of common sense legislation
  • Will be your strong voice at the Capitol
  • Will communicate and be accessible to the residents\
  • Hands on leadership
  • Strong family values – married with five children
  • Protect individual property rights
  • Fiscal Conservative
  • Strong supporter of limited government
  • Protect individual liberties
  • I support veterans and veteran services, they are the ones who sacrifice the most for our country. Thank You Veterans for your service, dedication and sacrifices.