About Mark Korin

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mark Korin and I am the Mayor for the City of Oak Grove, Minnesota and the CEO of an engineering and manufacturing company in Ramsey, now employing over 30 employees for the past 18 years. With over 20 years of dedicated government involvement holding every volunteer committee position and all elected positions within the City of Oak Grove, I’m asking for your support to be the Endorsed Republican candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives 31A.

I believe that Minnesota is a great place to live, work and play, but we need a leader that will be a loud voice for the silent majority and will speak up for constitutional conservative values in all decisions at the State Capitol. Over the past four years, the legislature has increased spending and drastically amplified the size and scope of the bureaucracy within our government, shackling businesses and citizens while stifling any possibility of our economy to grow.

All I have ever done my entire career is solve problems, whether they are designing new life saving products, financing, staffing and logistics or finding solutions to difficult business situations in a very hostile Minnesota business climate. I brought that private sector leadership to the job as Mayor; working with the city council we achieved an unprecedented reduction in spending which allowed real tax reductions of over 33% within my term. I am a hand’s-on business owner and will bring that leadership model to the job as your Representative at the State Capitol.

I believe working with other like minded conservative legislators we will energize the leadership and focus on taking our state back. I will legislate with a foundation based on common sense actions and find ways to minimize state government overreaching and get this great state to focus on essential services. Effective government operations must be in the background, not dictating social engineering or programs that benefits a few, forcing the citizens to suffer never ending increases of taxation.

I will never again accept a legislator that would diminish my understanding of Legislative actions and tell me “It could have been worse!”. That, my friends, is completely unacceptable. I will stand and fight for our rights and freedoms. I have faith that with your strong support and dedicated efforts I will bring a new voice representing values that will strengthen the conservative movement within the Republican Party.
Thank you,
Mayor Mark Korin


CEO and Owner of a design engineering company for 18+ years in Ramsey, MN

Mayor for the City of Oak Grove, MN 2009-2018 – Cut City taxes 33% over 4 years by bringing private sector business values into City operations

Married with five children

Life long resident of Minnesota, current resident of Oak Grove, MN

Fiscal Conservative

Strong family values

Dedicated 20+ years to community service within my community and district

Member of Our Saviours Lutheran Church, East Bethel, MN

1996-1997 Park Commission

1997-2000 Planning Commission Chair

2009-2011 City Council

2011-2018 Mayor of Oak Grove MN