Thanks so much Oak Grove, Minnesota Council Member Scott Lawrence for the great job working together, holding firm over the past 12 years to the conservative leadership! Let the force be strong in you!
Met Vice President Pence!
A look at the very last meeting that I ran as the Mayor of Oak Grove, Minnesota from 2011 to December 31st, 2018. Thanks to all of the residents that put their faith in me as an elected offical and thanks to those that I learned so much from over all those years. Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Here is something I did while I was Mayor that I shared at a chamber of commerce meeting. You get a first hand look at some of the things I did for Oak Grove.

This was very hard for me to announce and step aside after dedicating so many years focusing on the implementation of conservative values, policies and standing up against government intrusion. I can only pray that the progress we’ve made will be the foundation for the next leadership to build on. Thanks to all the Oak Grove residents, the support, understanding and help throughout the years!
Mayor Mark Korin
City of Oak Grove, MN

They pulled me up from the deep when I jumped in.

This is what happens when a true conservative mayor along with 2 other city council members have a mission and stand for private sector values in government operations. The one video is our budget hearing the other is a discussion on what it took to get here over the past 8 years.

Oak Grove Acorn Day Videos

After more than 10 years of standing up against the out of touch, appointed (NON-ELECTED) Met Council through legislative action WE GOT OUR CITY BACK!!!!! Working diligently on the elimination of the HIGH DENSITY MANDATE ON 2,200 acres of my residents was completely unacceptable…… It’s wonderful when we have special legislators, House Speaker, Representative Kurt Daudt, Representative Cal Bahr, and Senator Michelle Benson spearheading our bills through the legislative process… Without their drive and the entire committee’s efforts the Met Council would still be dictating unreasonable mandates on my residents….. From the deepest part of my heart, Thanks so much for making this happen for my city legislators!!!!!!
Here is the Star Tribune article and the audio from the interview, please tell other city officials that it IS possible to stand up against the Met Council!!

It’s obvious to the most casual observer that the children are the future of this country. The residents of the City of Oak Grove, MN would not allow me to continue as Mayor if I announced that we are going to raise everyone’s city taxes 10 percent, we have ideas where we may want to spend it, but once we take the money, (from you) we’ll figure out where it will go. Why is it that more and more parents are homeschooling or sending their kids to private school and yet pay and pay and now asked to pay more for public school education for 20 years? Do you think there will never be another public school tax increase? No more school referendums? When is someone going to ask the important questions, like, what happened to the money we already gave you? HOW MUCH MONEY IS ACTUALLY GOING DIRECTLY INTO THE CLASSROOM? Please listen to the full interview I gave to the reporter from the Star and Tribune. Thanks!

The real question that everyone needs to ask…. Is the Met Council planning for regional growth or doubling down and forcing Oak Grove residents to pay for an extremely bad, costly investment of the failed East Bethel sewer system? Local ELECTED officials standing up for residents rights!!!!

It’s important that we as leaders stand up and defend our residents property rights against unreasonable mandates from the unelected Met Council. This was at my last city council meeting. Please share and support dismantling the Met Council.

Here is the 2017 State Of The Cities – Chamber Luncheon video from QCTV. To see my part go to 73:24.

You wouldn’t believe who called me during a city council meeting…

Jeff does a great job explaining the Met Council Cartel… Their out of touch, Extremely poor planning, wasteful misguided vision is catastrophic for this state which completely disregards my Mayoral and our City Council leadership , our residents property rights and ALL planning for our city of Oak Grove, MN. I am on a mission to GET MY CITY BACK FROM THE MET COUNCIL’S TYRANNICAL OVERREACHING CONTROL…

Now this is a GREAT SPEECH from a great conservative president…. I love his command of the spoken word and his sincere passion…. Just wonderful!!!

Big Tax Cuts for Small City in Anoka County – KSTP TV

This video is from 2011. It was 18% in 2011 now it totals almost 34% which equals $1.2 million a year in savings to the residents of Oak Grove, by restricting government operations like we are forced to do in business.
– Mayor Mark Korin