The talking heads on both party’s are missing the biggest point on the UNAFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT, regardless of whether or not you’re paying for a health insurance plan, Every citizen is forced to pay more, directly through increases passed on through property taxes and increases absorbed, by the way, without questioning in MOST city, county, state and federal budgets…. Why, because of the benefits every city, county, Sheriff ,state and yes public school employee’s which means school property tax increases are being passed on and are DIRECTLY DUE TO OBAMACARE, UNAFFORDABLE FORCED GOVERNMENT INSURANCE PROGRAM…… What’s even more disturbing, is most liberals did this to themselves!! Does anybody else want to scream foul? Please pass this on!

Press Release

For Immediate Release

February 4th, 2014

Contact : Leana Linder

Phone : 612.916.6471

Oak Grove, MN – Current Mayor of Oak Grove is announcing his candidacy for Minnesota State House District 31A. Mark has given many years of public service to the community of Oak Grove, MN and believes that what he was a part of in Oak Grove can benefit the district as a whole.

“I believe that Minnesota is a great place to live, work and play, but we need a leader that will be a loud voice for the silent majority and will speak up for constitutional conservative values in all decisions at the State Capitol,” stated Mark. “Over the past four years, the legislature has increased spending and drastically amplified the size and scope of the bureaucracy within our government, shackling businesses and citizens while stifling any possibility of our economy to grow.”

“I believe working with other likeminded conservative legislators we will energize the leadership and focus on taking our state back. I will legislate with a foundation based on common sense actions and find ways to minimize state government overreaching and get this great state to focus on essential services,” continued Mark. “Effective government operations must be in the background, not dictating social engineering or programs that benefits a few, forcing the citizens to suffer never ending increases of taxation.”

“I will never again accept a legislator that would diminish my understanding of Legislative actions and tell me, ‘It could have been worse!’. That, my friends, is completely unacceptable. I will stand and fight for our rights and freedoms,” concluded Mark.